Kim N Chi, Canada

Medical Oncology
BC Cancer Agency, University of British Columbia

KIM NGUYEN CHI, MD BC Cancer Agency – Vancouver Cancer Centre, Vancouver, Canada Dr. Kim Nguyen Chi is a medical oncologist and Regional Medical Director BC Cancer Agency – Vancouver Cancer Centre, Vancouver, Canada. He is also a Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, Medical Director for Clinical Trials at the Vancouver Cancer Centre, Director of Clinical Research for the BC Cancer Agency, and the Co-Director of Clinical Research at the Vancouver Prostate Centre. Dr. Chi is also the Co-Chair of the Genitourinary Disease Site Committee for the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG) and the Co-Chair for the Canadian Uro-Onology Group (CUOG). Dr. Chi's research is in the area of genitourinary cancers with a focus in prostate cancer and investigational new drugs. This includes outcomes, phase I-III clinical trials, neoadjuvant studies and mechanisms of treatment resistance. He has had peer-reviewed grant funding from the Canada Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC)/Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), the US Department of Defense, Movember and the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada.

Presentations by Kim N Chi

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