Podium Session: Pediatric and Adult Reconstruction
01/01/70 from 21:45 to 22:15
  • POD-5 The Optilume Drug Coated Balloon for recurrent anterior urethral strictures: 3-year results for the ROBUST I study
    Dr. Mélanie Aube-Peterkin, Canada
  • MP-21 Impact of Delayed Recognition of Iatrogenic Ureteric Injury in a Retrospective Population-Based Study
    Dr. Jennifer A. Locke, Canada
  • MP-22 Contemporary risk factors for ureteral stricture following renal transplantation
    Miss Anna Black, Canada
  • MP-23 Meta-analysis to study the outcomes of early versus expectant management of pediatric neurogenic bladder
    Mr. Yilong Li, Canada
  • MP-24 Can we improve the usefulness of the diuretic renogram in the diagnosis of UPJO? Introduction of mercaptoacetyltriglycine-Suspected Obstruction Scoring System (MAG-SOS)
    Dr. Amr Hodhod, Canada
  • MP-25 Surgical outcomes in patients undergoing ileovesicostomy in Edmonton over the past 12 years
    Dr. Steven Tong, Canada

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